About Caitlin

Caitlin J. Stout (she/her) is an unapologetically gay Christian, doing her best to navigate faith, academia, and activism while attending an Evangelical university. She is passionate about LGBT equality in Christian higher education, and has worked as an organizer and advocate for closeted students on her non-affirming campus. She is also a writer, blogging about the intersections of faith and sexuality with the goal of helping Queer folks recognize their status as beloved children of God.

Caitlin’s professional interests include sociological theory, sexual ethics, identity formation, and suicide prevention among LGBT youth. Her personal interests include coffee, glitter, haircuts, and breakfast food. She is currently serving at an Episcopal church and is in the process of enrolling in a Master of Divinity program. She believes that reformation is possible, and hopes to play a small role in teaching the Church to love and celebrate its queerness.

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